Nodo Definir ID#

El nodo Definir ID.

The Set ID node fills the id attribute on the input geometry. If the attribute does not exist yet, it will be created with a default value of zero. The ID is also created by the Nodo Distribuir puntos en caras, and it is used in the Nodo Valor aleatorio and other nodes if it exists.

The input node for this data is the Nodo ID.



Entrada estándar de geometría.


Whether or not to change the value on each point or instance. True values mean the value will be changed, false values mean the value will remain the same.


The value for each element. By default, this input uses the index, which is useful when stable IDs are desired when deleting a dynamic number of instances.


Este nodo no contiene propiedades.



Salida estándar de geometría.