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Opciones en común

Max Subdivision

Maximum number of subdivision by the Subdivision Surface modifiers.

Child Particles

Show only a subset of all child hairs and particles.

Texture Limit

Automatically scales textures down so that they are no larger than the values chosen. This can help reduce computer memory resources when rendering large scenes with huge textures.


See Common Settings above.

Volume Resolution

Resolution percentage of volume objects in the viewport. This mostly affects memory usage rather than computation times.


Skip computing custom normals and face corner normals for displaying meshes in the viewport.


See Common Settings above.


Descartar por encuadre

Descarta objetos automáticamente basándose en el encuadre de la cámara, definido por el Margen.

Descartar por distancia

Descarta objetos automáticamente basándose en un umbral de distancia a partir de la cámara. Éste será definido mediante la propiedad Distancia.

Lápiz de cera#

Playback Only

Activates the simplification process only during animation playback.


Shows the fill component in Grease Pencil materials.


Muestra el Lápiz de cera modificadores.

Shader Effects

Shows Grease Pencil visual effects.

Layer Tinting

Shows layers tint overrides.

Suavizado de bordes

Use Anti-Aliasing to smooth stroke edges. The amount of anti-aliasing can be adjusted by the Anti-Aliasing Threshold.