Modificador Suavizado#

The Smooth modifier smooths a mesh by flattening the angles between adjacent faces in it, just like the Smooth tool in Edit Mode. It smooths without subdividing the mesh, the number of vertices remains the same.

This modifier is not limited to smoothing, though. Its control factor can be configured outside the (0.0 to 1.0) range (including negative values), which can result in interesting deformations.



The Smooth modifier.#


Habilita/deshabilita el modificador en las direcciones de los ejes X, Y y/o Z.


Controls the smoothing amount. Higher values will increase the effect.

Values outside expected range (above 1.0 or below 0.0) will distort the mesh.


The number of smoothing iterations, equivalent to executing the Smooth tool multiple times.

Grupo de vértices

If set, restrict the effect to the only vertices in that vertex group. This allows for selective, real-time smoothing, by painting vertex weights.

Invertir <->

Invierte la influencia del grupo de vértices seleccionado, lo que significa que el grupo ahora representa vértices que no serán deformados por el modificador.

The setting reverses the weight values of the group.


The calculation done by the Smooth modifier is a simple and logical one, and can be thought of as the geometric equivalent of blurring images.

Each new vertex position is simply moved towards the average position of all its neighbor vertices (topologically speaking, i.e. the vertices directly connected to it by an edge).



Malla antes de ser suavizada.#


Malla después de una iteración de suavizado.#


Malla después de diez iteraciones de suavizado.#