Nodo Esquinas de borde#

El nodo Esquinas de borde.

The Corners of Edge node retrieves face corners connected to each edge in a mesh. The node first gathers a list of face corners which are connected to the edges. It’s important to note that the list only has one corner per face. Using the Nodo Desplazar esquina en cara to offset the index inside the face by 1 gives the other corner from the face that is connected to the edge. That list is then sorted based on the values of the Sort Weight input. The Total output is the number of connected faces/corners, and the Corner Index output is one of those corners, chosen using the Sort Index input.


A graphic for which corners are returned for a given edge#

  • Rojo: borde seleccionado

  • Azul: esquinas que serán individualmente devueltas, dependiendo del ordenamiento

  • Morado: esquinas que podrán ser obtenidas desplazando los identificadores de la esquina azul usando el Nodo Desplazar esquina en cara


Identificador de borde

El identificador del borde de entrada.


By default this uses the index from the field context, which makes it important that the node is evaluated on the edge domain.


Values used to sort the corners connected to the edge. By default the corners are sorted by index, so the corners with the smallest indices come first.

Sort Index

Which of the sorted corners to use for the Corner Index output. If the value is larger than the total number of connected face corners, it will wrap around to the beginning.


Este nodo no contiene propiedades.


Identificador de esquina

A corner of the input edge in its face’s winding order, chosen by the Sort Index input.


The number of faces or face corners connected to the edge.