Datos del objeto#


Datos de objeto de Lápiz de cera.#

Lápiz de cera

The Grease Pencil data-block menu can be used to link the data between objects.

2D Layers#

Strokes can be grouped in 2D layers, a special Grease Pencil layers that help to organize the drawing order and visibility of the strokes.

See 2D Layers for more information.

Piel de cebolla#

Onion skinning is used in animation to see several frames at once and make decisions or edits based on how the previous/next frames are drawn.

See Onion Skinning for more information.

Grupos de vértices#

Vertex groups can be used to assign a group or weighted group to some operator. An object can have several weight groups and can be assigned in Weight Paint Mode.

Ver Grupos de vértices para más información.


General settings for Grease Pencil strokes.

See Strokes for more information.