Info(情報) エディター#

The Info editor logs the executed operators as well as errors, warnings, and informational messages. You can select an entry by clicking it, optionally holding Shift to add it to the existing selection.


Info(情報) エディター。#


View(ビュー) メニュー#


Area controls. See the user interface documentation for more information.

Info(情報) メニュー#

Select All(すべて選択) A

Selects all entries.

Deselect All(すべて選択解除) Alt-A

Deselects all entries.

Invert Selection(選択を反転) Ctrl-I

Selects non-selected entries and deselects selected ones.

Toggle Selection

Selects all entries if there are currently no selected ones, and deselects them otherwise.

Box Select(ボックス選択) B

Lets you drag a box and adds the entries that overlap it to the selection.

Delete(削除) X, Delete

Removes the selected entries from the log.

Copy(コピー) Ctrl-C

Copies the selected entries to the clipboard.