The Properties, with Object properties shown.

The Properties editor shows and allows editing of many active data, including the active scene and object.


The Properties editor has several categories, which can be chosen via tabs (the icons column to its left). Each tab regroups properties and settings of a data type, and is documented in its own manual sections, linked below.

Active Tool and Workspace Settings

This first tab contains settings for the active tool (in the 3D Viewport) and the current workspace.


These tabs contain settings for the active scene.

Collection (coleção)

This tabs contain settings for the active Collection.


Estas abas são usadas para adicionar funcionalidades, e para alterar as propriedades para o objeto ativo. Dependendo do tipo do objeto ativo, alguns deles serão ocultados.

Object Data

The main tab of that category (often the only one) always has the same name, Object Data, but its icon will change based on the actual type of the active object.

Geometry Objects:

Rigging and Deformation Objects:

Other Types of Objects:

Object Shading

Depending on the type of the active object, some of those will be hidden.