The application window is divided up into a number of rectangular areas. Areas reserve screen space for Editores, such as 3D Viewport, or an Outliner. Area boundary is indicated by rounded (beveled) corners.


Area boundaries are indicated by rounded corners (yellow highlights).



You can resize areas by dragging their borders with LMB. Move your mouse cursor over the border between two areas, so that the cursor changes to a double-headed arrow, and then click and drag.

Dividindo e juntando


Splitting an area will create a new area, and joining of two areas will close one area. Placing mouse cursor in area corner will change cursor to a cross (+) to indicate that pressing down LMB will activate splitting or joining command. Dragging from area corner inward will split the area. You define the split direction by dragging either horizontally or vertically.


The Properties Editor is being joined to the Outliner.

Dragging from area corner outward will join two areas. The area that will be closed gets a dark overlaid arrow. You can select which area will be closed by moving the mouse over areas. Release the LMB to complete the join. If you press Esc or RMB before releasing the mouse, the operation will be aborted.


Areas to be joined must be the same size (width or height) in the direction you wish to join, otherwise nothing will happen. This is so that the combined area remains a rectangle.

Opções de área

Clicar com o BDM sobre as bordas de uma área de editor abrirá as Opções para as áreas.

Dividindo áreas

Mostra uma linha indicativa que permite que você selecione uma área e uma posição onde a divisão será feita. A tecla Tab alterna entre as opções vertical e horizontal.

Juntando áreas

Mostra a sobreposição exibindo a direção da junção.

trocando os conteúdos

You can swap the contents between two areas with Ctrl-LMB on one of the corners of the initial area, dragging towards the target area, and releasing the mouse there. The two areas do not need to be side-by-side, though they must be inside the same window.

Duplicar área em uma nova janela



View ‣ Duplicate Area into new Window

A new floating window containing an area can be created from View ‣ Duplicate Area into new Window.

A nova janela é uma janela plenamente funcional, que é parte da mesma instância de aplicativo do Blender. Isto pode ser útil, por exemplo, caso você tenha múltiplos monitores.

You can also create a new window from an existing area by Shift-LMB on the area corner, then drag outward slightly.

A janela pode ser fechada através do botão de Fechar janela de seu sistema operacional.

Alternar a maximização de área



View ‣ Toggle Maximize Area



The maximized area fill the whole application window. You can maximize an area with View ‣ Toggle Maximize Area menu entry or keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Spacebar. To return to normal size use keyboard shortcut or the Back to Previous button on the Top bar.


A área em que o cursor do seu mouse está focando atualmente é aquela que será maximizada usando os atalhos do teclado.

Alternar para tela cheia



View ‣ Toggle Fullscreen Area

The fullscreen area contains only the main region. To exit the fullscreen move the mouse to the top right corner of the area to reveal the return icon.