Selecionar por margens

Click and drag to box select multiple nodes. Alternatively, B starts the bounding box selection process as well.

Lasso Select

Ctrl-Alt-LMB click and drag starts a lasso selection.

Lasso Select

See Lasso Select.

Select All A

Select all nodes.

Deselect All Alt-A

Deselect all nodes.

Invert Ctrl-I

Invert the selection.

Select Linked From L

Expand the selection to nodes which are linked to the inputs of the currently selected nodes.

Select Linked To Shift-L

Expand the selection to nodes which are linked to the outputs of the currently selected nodes.

Selecionar agrupados(as) Shift-G

Selects similar nodes to the active node by their properties.


The node type. e.g. all Math nodes.


A propriedade de cor.

Prefixo, Sufixo

Matches the name property from start/end of the text.

Activate Same Type Previous/Next Shift-]/Shift-[

Finds the previous/next node of same type, activates the node, and ensures the node is visible.

Encontrar nó Ctrl-F

To search for a node. On selecting a node, it activates the node and makes sure the node is visible.

Select Multiple

Shift-LMB or Shift-RMB used for multiple node selection.