Intersect (Boolean)



Edit Mode


Face ‣ Intersect (Boolean)

Performs Boolean operations with the selection on the unselected geometry. While the Operação booliana is useful for non-destructive edits, access to these operations with a tool in Edit Mode can be useful to quickly perform edits.

Boolean Operation

Opposite of Difference (everything inside of the target mesh is kept).


The target mesh is added to the modified mesh.


The target mesh is subtracted from the modified mesh (everything outside of the target mesh is kept).


Algorithm used to calculate the Boolean intersections.


Uses a mathematically simple solver which offers the best performance; however, this solver lacks support for overlapping geometry.

Merge Threshold

Tolerance for close faces to be considered touching. It may be useful to increase this when some intersections aren’t detected that should be and when extra geometry is being created because edges aren’t detected as overlapping.


A threshold approaching the size of faces may cause very slow calculation, in general keep this value small.


Uses a mathematically complex solver which offers the best results and has full support for overlapping geometry; however, this solver is much slower than the Fast Solver.


Changes the order of the operations when using Difference to determine which side is kept.

Self Intersection

Correctly calculates cases when one or both operands have self-intersections, this involves more calculations making it slower.