Object Info Node


Nó Object Info.

The Object Info node gives information about the object instance. This can be useful to give some variation to a single material assigned to multiple instances, either manually controlled through the object index, based on the object location, or randomized for each instance. For example a Noise texture can give random colors or a Color Ramp can give a range of colors to be randomly picked from.


Este nó não possui conectores de entrada.


Este nó não possui propriedades.



Localização do objeto no world space.


Object color, same as Color in the Properties ‣ Object Properties ‣ Viewport Display.

Índice de objeto

Object pass index, same as Pass Index in the Properties ‣ Object Properties ‣ Relations.

Índice do material

Material pass index, same as Pass Index in the Properties ‣ Material ‣ Settings.


Random number unique to a single object instance.


Note that this node only works for material shading nodes; it does nothing for light and world shading nodes.



Example blend-file.