Operator Buttons


Button with popup menu indicator.

Operator buttons perform an action when clicked with LMB. Button may show an icon, text, or both.

Button that shows a small triangle on the button corner indicates that pressing down LMB on the button will reveal a pop-up menu.


Operator button.

Text & Search Fields

Text fields show a rounded rectangular border, and optionally an icon and/or text inside the border. Text fields store text strings, and provide the means to edit text by standard text editing shortcuts.

For text fields with an icon and pop-ups, see Identificador de dados.


Search field.

Color Fields


Color buttons. With and without alpha.

The color field stores a color value shown in its background. Clicking LMB on color fields opens the Seletor de cores. Color buttons with an alpha channel are divided in half: on the left the color is shown without an alpha channel and on the right the color with an alpha channel drawn over a checker pattern. Colors can be copied to other color fields by dragged and dropped to another color field.