Painel Sistema de partículas



Particle System ‣ Particle System


Particle System panel.

Estas são as configurações básicas.

Sistema de partículas ativo

The List View of the objects Particle Modifier(s).

Copiar do objeto ativo para os selecionados

Copies the active particle system to all selected objects.

Copiar de todos os objetos para os selecionados

Copies all particle systems from the active object to all selected objects.

Duplicar sistema de partículas

Duplicates the particle system within the active object. The Duplicate Settings option (in the Adjust Last Operation panel) will duplicate settings as well, so the new particle system uses its own settings.

Configurações de partículas

The Data-Block menu for settings.


Seletor principal do tipo de sistema.


In such a system, particles are emitted from the object.


Use Hair type, rendered as strands.

Crescer novamente

Regrows the hair for each frame. This is useful when you are animating properties.


Enables advanced settings which reflect the same ones as working in Emitter mode.


This manual assumes that this option is enabled.


Controls the number of parts a hair is made of. Increasing this value will improve the quality of animations.


The process for working with standard particles is:

  1. Create the mesh which will emit the particles.

  2. Create one or more Particle Systems to emit from the mesh. Many times, multiple particle systems interact or merge with each other to achieve the overall desired effect.

  3. Tailor each Particle System’s settings to achieve the desired effect.

  4. Animate the base mesh and other particle meshes involved in the scene.

  5. Define and shape the path and flow of the particles.

  6. For Hair particle systems: Sculpt the emitter’s flow (cut the hair to length and comb it for example).

  7. Make final render and do physics simulation(s), and tweak as needed.

Criando um sistema de partículas

To add a new particle system to an object, go to the Particles tab of the Properties editor and click the small + button. An object can have many Particle Systems.

Each particle system has separate settings attached to it. These settings can be shared among different particle systems, so one does not have to copy every setting manually and can use the same effect on multiple objects.

Os tipos de sistemas de partículas.

After you have created a particle system, the Properties fills with many panels and buttons. But do not panic! There are two different types of particle systems, and you can change between these two with the Type selector: Emitter and Hair.

The settings in the Particle System tab are partially different for each system type.