Controls the thickness of the Freestyle strokes.


Line Style: Thickness.#

Base Thickness

The base thickness for this line style.

Thickness Position

Control the position of stroke thickness from the original (backbone) stroke geometry. There are four choices:


The thickness is evenly split to the left and right side of the stroke geometry.

Lado interno:

The strokes are drawn within object boundary.

Lado externo:

The strokes are drawn outside the object boundary.


Specifies the relative position by a number between 0.0 (inside) and 1.0 (outside), in the Thickness Ratio number field just below.


The thickness position options are applied only to strokes of edge types Silhouette and Border, since these are the only edge types defined in terms of the object boundary. Strokes of other edge types are always drawn using the Center option.


Opções comuns#


The modifier output can be mixed with the base property using the usual methods (see for example the Mix compositing node).


How much the result of this modifier affects the current property.