Restablecer transformación#



Modo Pose


Pose ‣ Restablecer transformación

Once you have transformed some bones, if you want to return to their rest position, just clear their transformations.


Resets location, rotation, and scaling of selected bones to their default values.

Posición, Rotación, Escala Alt-G, Alt-R, Alt-S

Clears individual transforms.

Note that in Envelope visualization, Alt-S does not clear the scale, but rather scales the Distance influence area of the selected bones. (This is also available through the Pose ‣ Scale Envelope Distance menu entry, which is only effective in Envelope visualization, even though it is always available…)

Restablecer no animado

Clears the transforms to their keyframe state.

Sólo seleccionados

Operate on just the selected or all bones.