Nodo Muestrear superficie UV#

El nodo Muestrear superficie UV.

The Sample UV Surface node finds values on a mesh’s surface at specific UV locations. Internally the process is a «reverse UV lookup» from a location in 2D space. The node then finds the face that corresponds to each UV coordinate, and the location within that face.


Because of the node’s method of computation, the UV map should not have any overlapping faces. If the UV map is sampled at a location with no faces or overlapping faces, the node will output the default value for the data type, which is zeros for most types.



A geometry containing the mesh with a UV map for sampling.


A field to evaluate on the target Mesh geometry for later sampling at the surface positions.

Mapa UV

The mesh UV map to sample, evaluated on the Mesh input. Should not have overlapping faces.

Muestrear UV

Las coordenadas a ser muestreadas dentro del mapa UV.


Tipo de Datos

The data type to use for the retrieved values.



The data retrieved and interpolated from the Mesh geometry, mapped based on the node’s settings and inputs.

Es válido

Whether the node could find a single face to sample at the UV coordinate.