Using Blender From The Command Line

The Console Window, also called a Terminal, is an operating system text window that displays messages about Blender's operations, status, and internal errors.

When Blender is manually started from a terminal, Blender output is shown in the Console Window it is started from.

Use Cases:

  • For rendering animation.

  • For automation and batch processing which require launching Blender with different arguments.

  • For Python development, to see the output of the print() function.

  • If Blender exits unexpectedly, the messages may indicate the cause or error.

  • When troubleshooting, to see the output of --debug messages.

See: Launching from the Command Line for specific instructions on launching Blender from the command line.


Closing the Blender Console Window

Closing the Console Window will also close Blender, losing any unsaved work.

Launching from the Command Line