2D Transform

The 2D Transform modifier applies two-dimensional scaling and/or rotation to the stroke backbone geometry. Scale is applied before rotation.


The center (pivot point) of these 2D transformations can be:

Stroke Center:

The median point of the stroke.

Stroke Start:

The beginning point of the stroke.

Stroke End:

The end point of the stroke.

Stroke Point Parameter:

The Stroke Point Parameter factor controls where along the stroke the pivot point is (start point if set to 0.0; end point if set to 1.0).

Absolute 2D Point:

The Pivot X and Y values define the position of the pivot point in the final render (from the bottom left corner).


Currently, you have to take into account the real render size, i.e. resolution and resolution percentage.

Scale X, Y(X、Yスケール)

The scaling factors, in their respective axes.

Rotation Angle(回転角度)

The rotation angle.


2D Transform modifier (blend-file).