The Extensions section lets you manage the extensions preferences.


Blender Preferences Extensions section.


To learn about extensions and how to create them, refer to the Extensions page.


There are different ways to install an extension:

  • Install from the Website: Drag the installation URL into Blender.

  • Install from Blender: Search for the extension name and click on Install.

  • Install from Disk: Use the dropdown menu in the top right, or drag-and-drop an extension .zip package into Blender.

Any installed extension can be removed. This is a permanent change, though. To stop an extension temporarily, it is better to Disable it instead.

Install Legacy Add-on

To install legacy addons, click the Install from Disk menu item and select the addon's .py file (if it has only one such file) or its .zip file.

The add-on will not be automatically enabled after installation; click the checkbox to do that.


Add-on Directory をスキャンして、新しいアドオンを探します。


While this screen doesn't allow installing a folder-based addon with loose .py files, you can still do so by adding it as a Script Directory:

  1. 選択した場所(例. my_scripts)に空のディレクトリを作成します。

  2. my_scripts 配下に addons サブディレクトリを追加します(Blenderが認識するためにはこの名前である必要があります)。

  3. Place your addon folder inside this addons folder.

  4. Preferences(プリファレンス)File Paths(ファイルパス) を開きます。

  5. Add a Script Directories entry pointing to your script folder (e.g. my_scripts).

  6. プリファレンスを保存し、Blenderを再起動すると、新しいアドオンの場所を認識します。

The addons in this folder will automatically become available; all you need to do is enable them.


You need to manually check for available updates. Once an update is found, Blender will let you update any of the available extensions.

The current available version of an extension on the repository will always be considered the latest version.


Once an extension is installed it can be disabled (or re-enabled) as part of the user preferences. Some extension types do not support this, and will always be shown as enabled.


有効にしたアドオンがアクティブにならない場合は、 Console window で、エラーが発生していないか確認してください。


  • Check for Updates: Manually check the online repositories for available updates.

  • Update All: Update all the extensions that have an update available.

  • Install from Disk: Install an extension from a .zip package. This is installed to a Local Repository and no updates will be available.

  • Install Legacy Add-on: Add-ons are effectively replaced by extensions. However to keep old add-ons working for now, they can still be installed independently of the new system.

Add-on Preferences(アドオン設定)

一部のアドオンには、アドオン情報ボックスの Preferences(設定) セクションに独自の設定がある場合があります。



The available filtering options are:

  • Enabled Extensions

  • Installed Extensions

  • Legacy Add-ons

Filter by Type(タイプでフィルター)

  • All: Show all the extension types combined.

Or show only extensions of a single type:

  • Add-ons

  • Themes


By default Blender has a Local Repository and a Remote Repository pointing towards the Official Blender Extensions Platform.

In the cases where more repositories are needed (e.g., to access third party extension platforms), new repositories can be added.



To add new repositories click on the + icon:

  • Add Remote Repository: Add a repository from a URL.

  • Add Local Repository: Add a repository which will be managed by the user (to be used with Install from Disk).

To remove repositories click on the - icon:

  • Remove Repository: Remove an extension repository.

  • Remove Repository & Files: Remove a repository and delete all associated files when removing.

These changes are permanent and cannot be reversed.