Brush Settings(ブラシ設定)


Vertex Painting options.


This option controls the radius of the brush, measured in pixels. F allows you to change the brush size interactively by dragging the mouse and then LMB (the texture of the brush should be visible inside the circle). Typing a number then enter while using F allows you to enter the size numerically.

Size Pressure(サイズの筆圧)

グラフィックタブレット を使用している場合は、筆圧感知アイコンを有効にすることでブラシサイズに影響を与えることができます。

Use Unified Radius(共通の半径を使用)

すべてのブラシで同じブラシ 半径 を使用します。


How powerful the brush is when applied.

Size Pressure(サイズの筆圧)

Brush Strength can be affected by enabling the pressure sensitivity icon, if you are using a Graphics Tablet.

Use Unified Radius(共通の半径を使用)

すべてのブラシで同じブラシの Strength(強さ) を使用します。

Color Picker(カラーピッカー)

The color of the brush. See Color Picker(カラーピッカー).

Press S on any part of the image to sample that color and set it as the brush color. Hold Ctrl while painting to temporally paint with the secondary color.

Flip (cycle icon) X

Swaps the primary and secondary colors.


Note that Vertex Paint works in sRGB space, and the RGB representation of the same colors will be different between the paint tools and the materials that are in linear space.


Affect Alpha

When this is disabled, it locks (prevents changes) the alpha channel while painting.


This will allow a stroke to accumulate on itself, just like an airbrush would do.

Front Faces Only

Only paint on the front side of faces.


See the global brush settings for Texture settings.


See the global brush settings for Stroke settings.


See the global brush settings for Falloff settings.


See the global brush settings for Cursor settings.