Grease Pencil(グリースペンシル)

This mode lets you adjust the timing of a Grease Pencil object's animation frames. It is especially useful for blocking out shots.


Channels Region(チャンネル領域)

The Channels region shows the Grease Pencil object in light blue and its layers in gray. Layers have the following settings:


The layer's opacity.

Use Mask

Toggle the layer's masks on or off.

Onion Skinning

Toggle onion skinning.

Visibility(可視性) (目アイコン)


Show all keyframes (checkbox)

When unchecked, the layer gets frozen in its current state, and moving to a different keyframe will no longer change its appearance.

Lock (padlock)

Locked layers can't be edited.


キーフレームは、 Dope Sheet(ドープシート) の他のデータと同じように操作できます。補間されたキーフレーム(別名 ブレイクダウン)は、小さな水色の点として視覚化されます。