Режим скульптинга (Sculpt Mode)


Toolbar ‣ Smooth

Клавиатурное сокращение


Eliminates irregularities in the area of the mesh within the brush’s influence by smoothing the positions of the vertices. The inverse of this tool is to sharpen the details in a mesh by applying a Laplacian smooth in the opposite direction.

Brush Settings


The operation to apply to the mesh. This setting can be toggled with Ctrl while sculpting.


Smooths the surface of the mesh by decreasing the difference between creases and valleys.

Enhance Details

Sharpens details on the surface of the mesh by intensifying the difference between creases and valleys.


Deformation type that is used in the brush.


Smooths the surface and the volume.


Smooths the surface of the mesh, while preserving the volume.

Shape Preservation

How much of the original shape is preserved when smoothing. Increasing the value reduces the effect of having multiple iterations on the strength of smoothing.

Per-Vertex Displacement

How much the position of each individual vertex influences the final result. Increasing the value reduces the overall strength of smoothing.


Number of smoothing iterations per brush step.


This method works by applying regular smoothing, computing the difference between the original (blended between start of iteration and fully original based on Shape Preservation) and the smoothed mesh, smoothing these offsets, pushing vertices back using the smoothed offsets, and finally blending in the original mesh based on Per-Vertex Displacement.