Окружающая окклюзия (ambient occlusion)#

Ambient Occlusion node.

The Ambient Occlusion shader computes how much the hemisphere above the shading point is occluded. This can be used for procedural texturing, for example to add weathering effects to corners only.

For Cycles, this is an expensive shader and can slow down render significantly. If render time is a concern, using Pointiness from the Geometry node or baking Ambient Occlusion will result in faster renders.


Cycles Only
The Ambient Occlusion node will not produce a valid result when:


Цвет (color)

Tint for AO output color.

Расстояние (distance)

Distance up to which other objects are considered to occlude the shading point.

Нормаль (normal)

Normal used for ambient occlusion; if nothing is connected the default shading normal is used.


Сэмплы (samples)

Number of samples to use for ray-traced ambient occlusion sampling. Keep as low as possible for optimal performance.


Detect convex rather than concave shapes, by computing occlusion inside mesh.

Only Local Cycles Only

Only detect occlusion from the object itself, and not others.


Цвет (color)

Ambient occlusion with color tint.


Ambient occlusion factor without color tint.



Белый шейдер AO.#