Distribute Points in Volume#

Distribute Points in Volume node.

The Distribute Points in Volume node creates points inside of volume grids. The node has two basic modes of operation: distributing points randomly, or in a regular grid. Both methods operate on all of the float grids in the volume.


Volume (объём)

Standard volume geometry input.

Density (плотность)

Number of points to sample per unit volume.


Spacing between grid points.


Minimum value of a volume cell to contain a grid point


Distribution Method (метод распределения)
Random (случайно):

Distribute points randomly inside of the volume. The local point count is implicitly defined as a product of the global from the Density input and the local voxel value. This method creates a distribution that is not stable as the input volume deforms.


Distribute the points in a grid pattern inside of the volume. At each grid point, the voxel value is used to determine whether to add a point.



Standard point cloud geometry output.