Remove Named Attribute Node

Remove Named Attribute node.

The Remove Named Attribute node deletes an attribute with a certain name from its geometry input. Any attribute that exists on geometry data will be automatically propagated when the geometry storing it is changed, which can be an expensive operation, so using this node can be a simple way to optimize the performance of a geometry node tree or even to lower the memory usage of the entire scene.

Almost all named attributes can be removed. For certain Встроенные атрибуты, removing it will mean that a default value will be used instead. For example, removing the cyclic attribute on curves means that all curves will be non-cyclic.


Geometry (геометрия)

Стандартный вход геометрии.

Name (имя)

The name of the attribute to remove.


Этот узел не содержит свойств.


Geometry (геометрия)

Стандартный выход геометрии.