Evaluate on Domain Node#

Evaluate on Domain Node.

The Evaluate on Domain allows evaluating a field for a different attribute domain than the domain from the field context. For example, the face index could be used instead of the face corner index, when setting the values of a UV Map


This node is not necessary to retrieve data from other attribute domains; that is done automatically. Its utility comes from the fact that it’s possible to control when the domain interpolation happens. Normally, input nodes interpolate their data to the current context’s domain as soon as they create their output.


It may be preferable to use this node over the Узел Capture Attribute, since it allows using a specific attribute domain without requiring a geometry socket input, which allows creating more reusable node groups.


The method of retrieving data from another domain is somewhat similar to the Evaluate at Index Node.


Value (значение)

The field to evaluate on the chosen attribute domain.


Домен (domain)

The attribute domain used for evaluation of the Value input.

Вывод (output)#

Value (значение)

The values from the input, evaluated on the chosen domain, then interpolated to the domain from the field context.