These preferences are reserved for features that are currently being worked on and are not yet complete. This category can be enabled by enabling Developer Extras. Most experimental features are only available in Daily Builds.


Blender Preferences Experimental section.#


Undo Legacy

Use legacy undo (slower than the new default one, but may be more stable in some cases).

Override Auto Resync

Enables library overrides automatic resync detection and process on file load. Disable when dealing with older blend-files that need manual Resync (Enforce) handling.

Cycles Debug

Show the Cycles rendering debug panel.

Asset Debug Info

Enable some extra fields in the Asset Browser to aid debugging.

Asset Indexing

Disabling the asset indexer forces every asset library refresh to completely reread assets from disk.

Viewport Debug

Enable viewport debugging options for developers in the overlays pop-over.


Enable EEVEE debuging options for developers.