Создание руководства#

Преобразование файлов RST в красивые страницы HTML.

Open a terminal or Command Prompt in the ~/blender-manual directory and simply run:



On Microsoft Windows you can simply open the make.bat file to easily run the command without having to open the Command Prompt and typing commands.

This is the command you should use when building the docs, however, other commands are available by typing make help. This command will convert the RST-files into HTML pages and automatically open your default web browser to view the result. The command will continue to run and watch for changes made to the RST-files and refresh the HTML pages as necessary.


The converted pages can also be viewed manually by browsing the build directory: ~/blender-manual/build/html. For example to open the home page, open build/html/index.html to read the manual.

Процесс сборки может занять несколько минут в первый раз (или после каких-либо серьёзных изменений), но для последующих изменений он должен занимать всего несколько секунд.