Simplify Modifier#

The Simplify modifier allows you to reduce the amount of points in the strokes. The goal of this modifier is reduce points while maintaining the lines shape.

Apply the modifier can help to obtain a better performance (more FPS) while animating.



The Simplify modifier.#


Determines how to reduce points in the strokes.

Fixed (фиксировано)

Deletes alternated points in the strokes, except the start and end points.


Number of times to repeat the procedure.


Uses the RDP algorithm (Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm) for points deletion. The algorithm try to obtain a similar line shape with fewer points.


Controls the amount of recursively simplifications applied by the algorithm.


Recreates the stroke geometry with a predefined length between points.

Length (длина)

The distance between points on the recreated stroke. Smaller values will require more points to recreate the stroke, while larger values will result in fewer points needed to recreate the curve.

Sharp Threshold

Preserve corners that have sharper angle than this threshold.


Simplifies the strokes by merging points that are closer than a specified distance to each other.

Distance (расстояние)

Sets the distance threshold for merging points.


See Influence Filters.


Fixed Mode sample.#

Original Model.#


Iteration: 1.#


Iteration: 2.#


Iteration: 3.#

Adaptive Mode sample.#

Original Model.#


Factor: 0.1.#


Factor: 0.5.#


Factor: 1.#