Physics ‣ Soft Body ‣ Goal

Enabling this tells Blender to use the motion from animations (F-Curves, armatures, parents, lattices, etc.) in the simulation. The «goal» is the desired end position for vertices based on this animation.

See exterior forces for details.

Vertex Group (группа вершин)

Use a vertex group to allow per-vertex goal weights (multiplied by the Default goal).



The spring stiffness for Goal. A low value creates very weak springs (more flexible «attachment» to the goal), a high value creates a strong spring (a stiffer «attachment» to the goal).


The friction coefficient for Goal. Higher values give damping of the spring effect (little jiggle), and the movement will soon come to an end.


Default (по умолчанию)

Goal weight/strength for all vertices when no Vertex Group is assigned. If you use a vertex group the weight of a vertex defines its goal.


When you use a vertex group, you can use the Minimum and Maximum to fine-tune (clamp) the weight values. The lowest vertex weight will become Minimum, the highest value becomes Maximum.