Blender’s physics system allows you to simulate a number of different real-world physical phenomena. You can use these systems to create a variety of static and dynamic effects such as:

  • Hair, grass, and flocks

  • Rain

  • Smoke and dust

  • Water

  • Cloth

  • Jello

  • etc.

Quick Effects#



3D Viewport


Объектный режим


Object ‣ Quick Effects

Sets up a basic simulation scene or effect including the selected objects. The tool will add essential objects like domains or particle systems both with predefined settings, so that there will be instant viewable result.

Quick Fur#

Adds a fur setup to the selected objects. The fur setup is based on Узлы геометрии and built with Hair Node Groups that come with Blender as bundled assets.

Density (плотность)

Surface density of generated hair curves.

Length (длина)

Length of the generated hair curves.

Hair Radius

The width of the hair, used for rendering engines.

View Percentage

Factor applied on the density for the viewport.

Apply Hair Curves

Applies the modifier that uses the Generate Hair Curves node group.


Deforms hair curves using a noise texture. See the Hair Curves Noise node group for more information.


Deforms hair curves using a random vector per point to frizz them. See the Frizz Hair Curves node group for more information.