Text Strip

The Text strip allows you to directly display text in the Sequence editor. The strip will display the text inserted in its text field on the final sequence.


All Text strips in a video sequence can be exported as a SubRip file. This is useful when using Text strips as subtitles.



The actual text displayed.

Wrap Width

Wraps the text by the percentage of the frame width, setting this to zero disables word wrapping.


Font (шрифт)

Меню блока данных to choose which font-file is used to render the text.


Use a bold font face with a strong/thick visual appearance.


Use an italicized font face with a slanted visual appearance.

Size (размер)

Size of the text.


The text color.


Creates a shadow of the specified color under the text.


Creates a background for the text to improve the readability and clarity of text in some situations. The color and opacity of the box can be adjusted using the color selector.

Box Margin

The distance the box boundaries extends from the boundaries of the font glyphs. The distance is measured as a factor of the image’s width.


Location X, Y

Positions the text on the X, Y axis.

Anchor X, Y

Horizontal (X) or vertical (Y) anchor point of the text relative to the location.



Text effect.