Vertex Paint Tools#


Paints a specified color over the object.


Smooths out the colors of adjacent vertices. In this mode the Color Value is ignored. The strength defines how much the colors are blurred.


Smooths color by painting the average resulting color from all colors under the brush.


Smudges colors by grabbing the colors under the brush and «dragging» them. This can be imagined as a finger painting tool.

Annotate (Пометки)

Рисование пометок от руки.

Annotate Line (пометка в виде линий)

Рисует пометку в виде прямой линии.

Annotate Polygon (пометка в виде ломаной линии)

Рисование пометки в виде ломаной линии.

Annotate Eraser (ластик пометки)

Стирание предыдущих нарисованных пометок.