Arc Tool#



Draw Mode


Toolbar ‣ Arc

The Arc tool create simple arcs.

Параметры инструмента#

You can configure the brush main settings exposed on the Tool Settings for convenience. For the draw brushes configuration and settings see: Draw Brush.

Subdivisions (подразделения)

The number of stroke points between each stroke edge.

Thickness Profile

Use a curve widget to define the stroke thickness from the start (left) to end (right) of the stroke.

Use Curve

When enabled, the stroke use a curve profile to control the thickness along the arc.

Different thickness profile samples.#


Selecting a Brush and Material#

In the Tool Settings select the brush, material and color type to use with the tool. The Arc tool uses Draw Brush types. See Brush Settings for more information.

Creating Arcs#

  1. Click (LMB or the Pen tip) and drag the start point.

  2. Release on the desired end point.

  3. After releasing you can tweak the arc using a single cyan manipulator (hand icon).

  4. Then confirm (Return/MMB) or cancel (Esc/RMB).

While dragging you can use Shift to make a perfect arc, use Alt to create the arc from a center point or M to flip.

NumpadPlus and NumpadMinus or using the mouse Wheel will increase or decrease the amount of points in the final arc.


click and dragging the start point.#


Tweaking arc with the manipulator.#


The arc after confirming.#


Before confirming you can use E to extrude the end point of the arc to generate multiple connected arcs.


End point extruding.#


Tweaking the last arc with the manipulator.#


The connected arcs after confirming.#