Tint Modifier#

The Tint Modifier colorize the original stroke or fill with a selected color.



Tint Modifier.#


The color transformation will be applied on the stroke and/or the fill color.

Stroke & Fill, Stroke, Fill

Strength (сила)

Controls the amount for the color mixing.

A value of 0 respect the original stroke’s color, a value of 1.0 totally replace the original color with the tint color.

A shift greater than 1.0 will make the points alpha less transparent than originally (2.0 is fully opaque).

Tint Type

Defines the tint color for mixing with the original color.


Defines the tint gradient color for mixing with the original color. For controls see Виджет цветовой шкалы.

Object (объект)

A Data ID to select an object (usually an empty), which position and rotation will be used to define the center of the effect.

Radius (радиус)

Defines the maximum distance of the effect.


See Influence Filters.


Tint uniform color sample.#

Strength: 0 (original color).#


Strength: 0.5.#


Strength: 1.0 (fully tinted).#

Tint gradient color sample.#

Radius: 1, Strength: 1.#


Radius: 5, Strength: 1.#


Radius: 10, Strength: 1.#