Displacement Node

Displacement Node.

The Displacement node is used to displace the surface along the surface normal, to add more detail to the geometry. Both procedural textures and baked displacement maps can be used.

For best results the mesh must be subdivided finely to bring out the detail in the displacement texture.

It is also possible to use the displacement as bump mapping only by changing the material settings, so that no high resolution mesh is needed.


Material Displacement for more details on displacement workflows.


Height (высота)

Distance to displace the surface along the normal. This is where a texture node can be connected.


Neutral displacement value that causes no displacement. With the default 0.5, any lower values will cause the surfaces to be pushed inwards, and any higher values will push them outwards.

Scale (масштаб)

Increase or decrease the amount of displacement.


Стандартный вход нормали.



Object Space means the displacement scales along with the object. When using World Space the object scale is ignored.



Displacement offset to be connected into the Material Output.



Bump only, displacement only, and displacement and bump combined.