Bokeh Image Node#

Нода "Изображение Боке" (Bokeh Image Node).

The Bokeh Image node generates a special input image for use with the Bokeh Blur filter node.

The Bokeh Image node is designed to create a reference image which simulates optical parameters such as aperture shape and lens distortions which have important impacts on bokeh in real cameras.


Этот узел не содержит входов.


The first three settings simulate the aperture of the camera.


Sets an integer number of blades for the cameras iris diaphragm.

Angle (угол)

Gives these blades an angular offset relative to the image plane.

Rounding (округление)

Sets the curvature of the blades with (0 to 1) from straight to bringing them to a perfect circle.


Provides a type of distortion found in mirror lenses and some telescopes. This can be useful to produce a visual complex bokeh.

Lens Shift

Introduces chromatic aberration into the blur such as would be caused by a tilt-shift lens.



The generated bokeh image.


In the example below the Bokeh Image is used to define the shape of the bokeh for the Bokeh Blur node.


Пример узла Bokeh Image.#