Smooth Modifier#

The Smooth Modifier changes the value of one or more stroke/points properties like: location, strength, thickness or UV texture position trying to maintain similar values that make the line fluid and smoother.



Smooth Modifier.#

Affect (воздействие)

Combination of stroke/points properties that will be affected by the smooth factor.

Position (положение)

Smooth affect the point location.

Strength (сила)

Smooth affect the point strength (opacity).


Smooth affect the point thickness.


Smooth affect the point UV rotation.


Strength of the smooth effect.

Repeat (повторение)

The number of smoothing iterations, equivalent to executing the Smooth tool multiple times. High values can reduce the animation performance (FPS).

Keep Shape

When enabled, the smoothing algorithm will try to maintain as close as possible the overall shape of the original stroke.


See Influence Filters.