Context Menu#

Show the context menu for a data-block with RMB on the icon or name. Depending on the type of the preselected data-block(s), you will have all or part of the following options:


Copy/pastes selected data-blocks.


Deletes the selected data-block.

Select, Select Hierarchy, Deselect

Add object to current selection without making it the active one.

Collections (коллекции)#

Collections are a way Blender uses to organize scenes. Collections contain objects and everything else in a scene. They can include collections themselves and are fully recursive.


Для дополнительной информации см. Collections.


Creates a new collection.

Duplicate Collections

Recursively duplicates the collection including all child collections, objects, and object data.

Duplicate Linked

Duplicate entire hierarchy keeping content linked with original.

Delete Hierarchy

Deletes the collection and removes all its child objects or collections. It is important to note that this only deletes the collection, if child objects are part of another collection they will stay in the scene collection and their data-blocks will not be deleted from the blend-file.

Instance to Scene

Creates a new collection instance.


Controls the collection’s visibility in the 3D Viewport and the final render.


Hides all collections except the selected collection and any parent collections (if any exist).


Shows/Hides the selected collection from the View Layer.

Show/Hide Inside

Shows/Hides all items that are a member of the selected collection, include child collections, from the View Layer.

Enable/Disable in Viewports

Enables/disables drawing in the View Layer.

Enable/Disable in Renders

Enables/disables visibility of the collection in renders.

View Layer

Controls the collection’s interactions with the View Layer.

Disable/Enable in View Layer

Disables/Enables the collection from the view layer.

Set Color Tag

Assigns or clears a collection’s color tag for the selected collection.

ID Data#


To unlink a data-block from its «owner» (e.g. a material from its mesh).

Make Local

To create a «local» duplicate of this data-block.

Make Single User

This feature is not yet implemented.


Deletes the selected data-block.

Make Library Override

Make a local override of this linked data-block.

Make Library Override Hierarchy

Make a local override of this linked data-block, and its hierarchy of dependencies.

Reset Library Override

Reset this local override to its linked values.

Reset Library Override Hierarchy

Reset this local override to its linked values, as well as its hierarchy of dependencies. This allows you to update local overrides when the relationship between data-blocks changed in the linked library data.

Resync Library Override Hierarchy

Rebuilds the local override from its linked reference, as well as its hierarchy of dependencies.

Delete Library Override Hierarchy

Deletes the local override (including its hierarchy of override dependencies) and relinks its users to the linked data-blocks.

Remap Users

Remap Users of a data-block to another one (of same type of course). This means you can e.g. replace all usages of a material or texture by another one.


Copy/pastes selected data-blocks.

Add Fake User, Clear Fake User

Adds a «dummy» (fake) user so that the selected data-block always gets saved even if it has no users. The fake user can be removed with Clear Fake User.

Rename F2

Renames the selected data-block.

Select Linked

Selects the linked data, see Select Linked for more information.

Mark as Asset#

See Создание ассета.

Clear Asset#

See Удаление ассетов.

Clear Asset (Set Fake User)#

See Удаление ассетов.


The view menu is part of the context menu and supported in all the Outliner elements.

Show Active Period

Centers the Tree View to selected object.

Show Hierarchy Home

To collapse all levels of the tree.

Show/Hide One Level NumpadPlus/ NumpadMinus

Expand one level down in the tree or collapse one level using the keyboard shortcuts.