Трансформировать (transform)#



Edit Mode and Pose Mode


Bone ‣ Transform

When in Edit Mode you can use this panel to control position and roll of individual bones. Whereas in Pose Mode you can only set location for the main bone, and you can now set rotation and scale.

In addition, in Pose Mode it is possible to restrict changes in position, rotation and scale by axis on each bone in the armature.

Head X, Y, Z

Расположение конца кости головы.

Tail X, Y, Z

Расположение конца кости хвоста.

Крен (roll)

Bone rotation around head-tail axis.

Длина (length)

The distance from the bone’s head to it’s tail. Changing the length moves the tail end.


Bone is not able to be transformed when in Edit Mode.