UV 投射修改器



The UV Project Modifier acts like a slide projector. It emits a UV map from the negative Z axis of a controller object (such as an empty), and applies it to the object as the "light" hits it. It can optionally override the object's face texture.

Download an example.


UV Map
Which UV map to modify. Defaults to the active rendering layer.
用于修改器的image(图像),是可选项;你可以之将UV投射到任意位置。下面提到的Override Image(覆盖图像)选项将定义图像的应用方式。
  • 当勾选此项时,网格上所有顶点的Face Texture(表面纹理)将被Image(图像)项中的图像所替代。这会产生图像重复的效果,这通常并非想要的看结果。
  • 如果没有勾选此项,修改器将被限制仅使用Image(图像)项中的图像作为其Face Texture(表面贴图)。
Up to ten projector objects are supported. Each face will choose the closest and aligned projector with its surface normal. Projections emit from the negative Z axis (i.e. straight down a camera or lamp). If the projector is a camera, the projection will adhere to its perspective/orthographic setting.
Specify the projector Object.
X/Y 向比例和X/Y 向缩放
These allow simple manipulation of the image. Only apply when a camera is used as projector Object.



UV Project(UV投影)适合营造出丰富多彩的聚光灯效果,同时也适合制作出别具一格的decals(贴纸)效果。

The modifier's Image property is not generally used. Instead, a texture mapped to the UV map that the modifier targets is added to the object's Material. This allows you to prevent the image from repeating by setting Texture ‣ Image Mapping ‣ Extension to Clip.


When using perspective cameras or spot lamps, you will likely want to enable the UV Project Material Option (available in the materials panel), This uses a different UV interpolation to prevent distortion.


This option is not yet available for Cycles.