Copy Location Constraint 复制位置约束

复制位置 约束强制约束对象和目标位置相同。


请注意,如果对 相连 骨骼使用该约束,将不起作用,因为父级骨骼头部位置决定了该骨骼根部所在位置。




Target 目标

数据ID used to select the constraints target, and is not functional (red state) when it has none. See common constraint properties for more information.




Invert their respective corresponding axis coordinates.




Standard conversion between spaces. See common constraint properties for more information.


Controls the percentage of affect the constraint has on the object. See common constraint properties for more information.



Let us animate a solar system with the Copy Location constraint and its Offset option. You can make the owner, called "moon", describe perfect circles centered on the world origin (using e.g. Location X/Y sine and cosine F-Curves, see 内建函数修改器). Then copy the location of a target "earth" with the Offset checkbox enabled to model a satellite in a (simplified) orbit around its planet. Repeat these steps for more planets circling around its center star "sun".

Following video is a small animation of a solar system created using (among a few others) the previously described technique:

Note that, this 'solar' system is not realistic at all (the wrong scale, the earth is rotating in the wrong direction around the sun, ...).

你可以 (点击这里) 下载该动画的blend文件。

Furthermore you can also animate a few properties of each constraint using animation curves: e.g. you can animate the Influence of a constraint. It is used to first let the camera follow the moon, then the earth, and finally using two Copy Location constraints with Offset set.