Commit Guidelines

Access to directly submit changes is limited to people with commit access to the repository. Once you are provided with commit access you can start committing directly instead of creating a patch file.

You can make commits from your Git client or using the Git command line tool. The following command will create a commit and send it to the central repository:

git commit -m "This is what I did"
git push

如果你省略了 -m "message",将提示你在文本编辑器中输入留言。


You should make sure you are always on the latest revision before committing. You may not be able to commit directly if there are conflicting changes in the latest revision.

To avoid this update your local repository before committing (run make update).

See also

请参阅 发布周期 了解有关如何提交到特定发布分支以及如何创建合并提交文档。



例如,提交 rBM8473 包括指示与散列 rBa71d2b260170 一起做出的改变的描述性说明。可以从文档任务中为即将发布的特定版本提供的URL中提取哈希。

其他更一般的变更不必遵循上述政策,但仍有必要明确说明您所做的变更及其原因。当您分别进行常规清理或修复时,使用前缀词(如 Cleanup:Fix:)来前缀提交标题可能会有所帮助。