Restricción Pivote

The Pivot constraint allows the owner to rotate around a target object. It was originally intended for pivot joints found in humans e.g. fingers, feet, elbows, etc.



Panel de pivote.


ID de datos for the selection of the object to be used as a pivot point. See common constraint properties for more information.

Use Relative Offset

Offset will be an absolute point in space instead of relative to the target.

Punto de Pivote X, Y, Z

Offset of pivot from target.

Rotation Range

Rotation range on which pivoting should occur.


Use the pivot point in every rotation.

-X/-Y/-Z/X/Y/Z Rotation

Use the pivot point in the corresponding direction around the corresponding axis.


Controla el porcentaje de efecto que la restricción ejercerá sobre el objeto. Ver propiedades comunes de restricciones para más información.