El procesamiento podrá ser separado en capas, para poder componerlas manualmente con posterioridad.

Some example usages are applying compositing effects to characters separately, blurring the background and foreground layers separately for depth of field, or rendering different lighting variations of the same scene.

Using View Layers can also save you from having to re-render your entire image after each change, allowing you to instead re-render only the layer(s) that you have altered.

Capas de visualización


Capas de visualización.

In the top of the screen there is a list of all the View Layers in the active scene.


The name of the active view layer, click to edit the name.

Agregar capa de visualización

Will add a new view layer to the active scene.


Adds a new view layer.

Copiar opciones

Adds a new view layer with all the settings of current view layer.

En blanco

Adds a new view layer with all collections disabled.

Eliminar capa de visualización

Will remove the selected view layer from the active scene.


A scene must have at least one view layer.


Each Scene has an associated set of Collections. The visibility settings of each collection can be changed per View Layer to separate the rendering of different objects and lights into layers.


Per collection you can adjust the way how the render engine needs to render the objects inside. Based on the render engine different options can be set.


Collection/View layer settings.

Disable from View Layer

Remove this collection from the active view layer. Objects that are only in this collection will not be rendered for the active view layer. This is useful to sometimes leave out some object influence for a particular view layer.

Enable in View Layer

Add this collection to the active view layer. Objects inside the collection will be rendered with the active view layer.

Set Holdout

Los objetos dentro de esta colección generarán un hueco/máscara en la capa de vista activa.

Clear Holdout

Clear the Set Holdout flag.

Set Indirect Only Cycles Only

Los objetos dentro de esta colección sólo contribuirán a la imagen final indirectamente a través de sombras y reflejos.

Clear Indirect Only Cycles Only

Clear the Indirect Only flag. Objects inside this collection will contribute normally to the final image.




View Layers ‣ Layer

This section covers only the Render Layer settings appropriate for the Cycles renderer. For the engine-independent settings, see this section.


Incluir (o Incluyendo)

Disables rendering the Environment render pass in the final render.


Disables rendering object materials in the final render.


Disables rendering curve strands in the final render.


Disables rendering Volumes in the final render.

Desenfoque por movimiento

Procesar desenfoque por movimiento en esta capa, cuando se encuentre activo en las opciones de Procesamiento.


Redefinir material

Permitirá redefinir todos los materiales en esta capa de visualización.

Redefinir entorno

Permitirá redefinir el fondo del Entorno en esta capa de visualización.


Permitirá redefinir la cantidad de muestras de la escena en esta capa de visualización. Controladas por la opción Muestras de capas en el panel Muestreo > Avanzado.