Sequencer Overlays

Overlays are information that is displayed on top of the strip region. There is a toggle to display or hide all overlays for the strip region.


Shows the Name on the strip.


Shows the path to the strip file on the strip.


Shows the length of the strip in frames on the strip.


Shows overflow bars of «extra» content from either cutting or sliding strips.


Show animation curves for opacity and volume values as darkened sections of the strip.

Grid (Rejilla)

Show vertical and horizontal lines in the sequence timeline to add visual separation and a dimension of scale to the timeline.

Waveform Display

Global options for waveform display on sound strips.

Waveform Off

Disable waveforms for all strips.

Waveform On

Enable waveforms for all strips.

Use Strip Option

Set waveform per strip configured with Display Waveform.