Superposiciones de Editor de Video



overlays-icon Sobreimpresos

Overlays are information that is displayed on top of the sequencer region. The icon toggles all overlays in one go, while the drop-down button shows a pop-over where you can toggle individual ones:


Shows the Name of each strip.


Shows the file path of each strip.


Shows the length of each strip (in frames).

Color Tags

Displays each strip in its designated custom color (if applied) rather than a color representing its type. To set a custom color, either click the Color Tag button next to the strip’s name in Sidebar ‣ Strip, or use Set Color Tag in the strip’s context menu.


Shows overflow bars of content that was trimmed from the strip (by moving the strip’s handles). See Desplazamiento del Clip Inicio/Fin.


Shows animation curves for volume (Sound strips) and opacity (other strips).


Displays thumbnails across the full width of each Movie or Image strip. The thumbnail size depends on the vertical zoom level (which can be adjusted by dragging up and down with Ctrl-MMB). Zooming in results in taller strips with bigger, but fewer thumbnails. Zooming out results in narrower strips with smaller, but more thumbnails.


Shows vertical lines at regular time intervals.

Vista de Forma de Onda

Opciones globales para mostrar formas de onda en clips de Sonido.

Forma de Onda Apagado:

Deshabilita las formas de onda para todos los clips.

Forma de Onda Encendido:

Habilita formas de onda para todos los clips.

Usar Opciones de Clip:

Use the Display Waveform option of each individual strip.