Properties ‣ Render ‣ Options panel.

Backface Culling (Sacrificio de Caras Traseras)

Use backface culling to hide backsides of faces.

X-Ray (Rayos X)

Render the scene transparent. With the slider you can control how transparent the scene should appear.


Renders a sharp shadow in the scene.


Defines how dark the shadow should be rendered. This slider can be adjusted between 0 (shadow not visible) and 1 (shadow is black).

Light Direction

Controls the direction of the light source that casts the shadows.

Shadow Shift

Controls the Shadow termination angle. It can be used to limit self shadowing artifacts.

Shadow Focus

Controls the falloff near the edge of the shadow.


Highlight ridges and valleys in the scene geometry.

Type (Tipo)

Method how to calculate the cavity.

World (Mundo)

The World method is more precise but is slower to calculate.


The Screen method is fast but does not take the size of the ridges and valleys into account.


Both will use both methods.


Control the visibility of ridges.


Control the visibility of valleys.

Depth of Field

Use the Depth of Field settings of the active camera in the viewport. Only visible when looking through the camera.

The settings are located on Properties ‣ Camera ‣ Depth of Field panel.

Outline (Contorno)

Renderiza el contorno de los objetos en la vista. Puede ajustarse el color del contorno.

Specular Highlighting

Render specular highlights.


Only available when Lighting is set to Studio lighting or when a MatCap has been selected that contains a specular pass.