Nodo Curva a malla#

El nodo Curva a malla.

The Curve to Mesh node converts all splines of a curve to a mesh. Optionally, a profile curve can be provided to give the curve a custom shape. This profile curve is scaled by the radius at each control point; see the Nodo Definir radio de curva.

The node transfers attributes to the result. Attributes that are built-in on meshes but not curves, like sharp_face, will be transferred to the correct domain as well.


The output mesh has sharp edges set from the profile curve tagged automatically. If any splines in the profile curve are Bézier splines and any of the control points use Free or Vector handles, the corresponding edges will be shaded sharp.



Standard geometry input. All non-curve components are ignored.

Curva de perfil

If a profile curve is provided, it will be extruded along all splines. Otherwise the generated mesh will just be a chain of edges.

Cerrar Extremos

Si la spline del perfil fuera cíclica, rellenará los extremos de la malla generada usando enégonos. La malla resultante será Desplegable, las dos nuevas caras para cada spline serán simplemente conectadas a los bordes existentes.


Este nodo no contiene propiedades.



Salida estándar de geometría.