Nodo Desplegar UV

El nodo Desplegar UV.

The UV Unwrap Node generates a UV map islands based on a selection of seam edges. The node implicitly performs a Pack Islands operation upon completion, because the results may not be generally useful otherwise.

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The Desplegar operator performs a similar operation in the UV editor. Unlike the Unwrap operator, the node doesn’t perform aspect ratio correction, because it is trivial to implement with a Vector Math Node.



Faces to participate in the unwrap operation. UVs that are part of any other face will not be affected.


Edges to mark where the mesh is «cut» for the purposes of unwrapping.


The distance to leave between UV islands.

Rellenar huecos

Virtually fill holes in mesh before unwrapping, to better avoid overlaps and preserve symmetry.


Basado en ángulos:

Este método da una buena representación 2D de una malla


Utiliza LSCM (Mapeo Conforme de Mínimos Cuadrados). Esto generalmente proporciona un mapeo UV menos preciso que el Basado en Ángulos, pero funciona mejor para objetos más simples



The generated UV coordinates between 0 and 1 for each face corner in the selected faces.


In order for Blender to recognize the created attribute as a UV map, it must be created with the Nodo Almacenar atributo con nombre on the Face Corner domain with the 2D Vector data type. This is necessary because there is no 2D Vector socket type.