Visibilidad a los rayos

Será posible configurar los objetos para que sean invisibles a determinados tipos de rayos. Esto podrá ser usado, por ejemplo, para hacer que una malla emisora sea invisible a los rayos de la cámara. Para objetos instanciados, su visibilidad será la heredada; si el objeto superior se encontrara oculto a algunos tipos de rayos, los instanciados también lo estarán.

In terms of performance, using these options is more efficient that using a shader node setup that achieves the same effect.


Makes the object visible to the Camera; this includes the viewport’s perspective in viewport rendering.


Enables the object to cast shadows. The object will not be capture inside the shadow maps.

Sondas de luz

Objects can be set to not be captured by certain light probe. This can be used, for example, to avoid animated object being recorded into static light probes. For instanced objects, visibility is inherited; if the parent object is hidden for some ray types, the children will be hidden for these too.


Makes the object visible during light probe volumes baking.


Makes the object visible during light probe sphere capture.


Makes the object visible during light probe plane capture.